Plate heat exchanger installation:
There are two main points in the plate heat exchanger:
- space requirements
- pipe fitting installation
Space demand situation
The disassembly inspection and repair of the plate heat exchanger requires a lot of space, as shown in Fig. 10. The assembly and disassembly of the plates and clamping bolts require sufficient space for smooth operation.

The movable clamping plate must be pulled to the end of the guide before disassembly, as shown in Fig. 11.

take over
For the plate heat exchanger to work properly, the pipe must be installed in accordance with the attached chart.
When the pipe structure is installed, the rubber ring on the fixed plate of the plate heat exchanger must be able to move.
Pipe connections usually have only one type of assembly to prevent overloading of the plate heat exchanger. The pipe connections must also be flexible enough to make the plate heat exchanger more compact.